Marla Tracy

I am thrilled to be teaching at the Yoga Effect! I began practicing yoga 8 years ago when my late husband began his journey and found the benefits to be extremely powerful in his life. Although I was very active and fit (running was my exercise of choice), I was missing a way to calm my mind, slow myself down, engage my spirit and enjoy the present moment. Yoga has certainly been the answer for me.

Up until 2 years ago I was a School Social Worker and Dean at a high school. I had spent much of my life helping people understand their behavior and it’s impact on our mind. The missing part was including the body and spirit into the equation. Yoga has opened my eyes to the mind, body and spirit connection. I believe that when something is going on in one’s mind it manifests itself in our body and spirit.

I have found over the years that coming to my mat and practicing yoga better prepares for many of life’s challenges. My husband passed away 4 years ago and my practice helped me open up space in my body to deal with my grief, and move forward with grace and peace.

In addition to teaching regular classes at the Yoga Effect, I also co-teach the bereavement yoga classes. In addition to the physical,(asana) practice, understanding and continuing to integrate the other 7 limbs of yoga are essential to my teaching. I am constantly honored and humbled by this life long practice, and grateful to have an opportunity to work with you.

Goings On

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Free Monthly Yoga for First Responders, Veterans and Military with Anna Ottolino

Sunday, April 28 4:30-5:30pm


Monthly Meditation with Bhante Sujatha

Tuesday, May 14 5:00-6:00pm

Restorative Yoga with Reiki Healing with Jenny Neumann

Friday, May 17 7:00-9:00pm

Using Essential Oils to Support Your Yoga Practice with Sharon Gaughan

Saturday, May 18 1:00-3:00pm

Free Yoga for First Responders, Veterans and Active Military with Anna Ottolino

Sunday, May 19 4:30-5:30pm


Reiki Level 1 Certification with Jenny Neumann

Saturday, June 15 12:00-5:00pm

Restorative Yoga with Reiki Healing Workshop with Jenny Neumann

Friday, June 21 7:00-9:00pm

Reiki Level 2 Certification with Jenny Neumann

Saturday, June 22 12:00-5:00pm `
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