Danni Mares

Danni began her spiritual journey in 2005, when she entered a yoga studio in Chicago in search of another way to move her body. She did not expect to discover her purpose. Through her yoga practice, she adopted a deep appreciation for her breath, a compassionate connection with her body, methods of stilling her mind, and dwelling in the peace within her heart. She felt as though she was reunited with a long lost friend – herself.

Feeling compelled to share with others the powerful effects of yoga on the body, mind, and soul is what led Danni to the seat of the teacher. Danni traveled to India in September 2012 to gain her 200-hour certification from Rishikesh Yog Peeth. For Danni, the practice of yoga is not about touching the hands to the toes, but rather integrating the body, breath, and mind all into one. It is this integration that has led to the unwavering belief that the practice of yoga, regardless of “flex-ability” has the potential to change one’s life, if the practitioner is open to receiving. While the lessons of yoga can be serious, it is with a lightheartedness that Danni encourages her students to explore their potential, relax with what “is” and not to take things too seriously and they, too, will discover their path.

Danni is also a massage therapist, Reiki Master and Spiritual Life Coach. Contact her directly if you would like more information on how she can help you rejuvenate your body, calm your mind and satisfy your soul with massage therapy, Reiki and or Spiritual Life Coaching.


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