Kandi Silk

I am excited and grateful for the opportunity to begin my teaching journey at The Yoga Effect where I have enjoyed practicing many years. I first discovered yoga nearly 27 years ago, but my practice became more consistent after my three children were grown. After practice, I always felt better in my body and was aware of the calm effect it had on my mind. I had often thought about teaching but it wasn’t until Fall of 2020, during the pandemic and stress around my job as a travel consultant, that I decided to complete m 200YTT. Teacher training reminded me that yoga is so much more than perfecting physical asana, it is not about the pose or shapes you can make with your body, it is about feeling your body and connecting your breath in the present moment. This is the gift of yoga, along with my experience that I hope to share with you.
I am currently enrolled in Mindful Art and Yoga training as well as Trauma informed yoga. I look forward to meeting you on the mat!




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