Bridget Vaughn

Hi, my name is Bridget. I started practicing yoga over a decade ago. I was into the hippie subculture; spirituality, metaphysics and eastern philosophy fascinated me. I’d also struggled with anxiety and depression, so I invested interest in the mind-body connection. I learned various meditation techniques. I was always interested in learning about other cultures. So, yoga really found its way to me quite naturally. I was positively blown away by how I amazing I felt after each practice.

What happens when you begin to breathe and move with intention and awareness? When the mental chatter becomes quiet? When the body lets go of tension and energy flows freely? Yoga answers these questions. Yoga is the answer. Life doesn’t always go the way we planned. We get caught up, held up, stressed out, tight, tense, stagnant, or excessive and jittery and otherwise. What if we could peel back all these layers? Calm the mind, soothe the nervous system, stretch and strengthen the body while optimizing function of the organs, increase circulation, release stagnant energy…and create a space for healing of a Higher order to flow through. To me, this is the magic of yoga. It is energetic nourishment.

We become more open. We cultivate more peace and stability, on and off the mat. We learn to balance effort and surrender. We ebb and flow with comfort and challenges, knowing all is temporary and ever changing. We learn to be present, to stop abandoning ourselves, to take care of ourselves. By showing up for ourselves and filling our own cup, we can show up for others with a full cup. It creates a ripple effect outward. When we show up for yoga class, we are saying “yes” to ourselves in the best way. Yoga has a profound positive effect on the individual, as well as the collective.

I teach yoga because I believe in its benefits. I want to see goodness in the world. I want people to feel happy, free and peaceful. Because underneath all the tension, patterns, habits, and stories- you are happy, free and peaceful. Yoga polishes us up, in a sense. And the more you keep polishing; the more light is revealed. Namaste.

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